According to a WM track chart at Pearre the WM had a passing siding here that was 5,765ft. with a 134 car capacity. There was also a 456ft. side track here also. That side track was most likely the old station track. The Pearre station was located midway along the passing siding, there is a photo of it below. The WM also had signals 126.2 and 126.3 at the East end and signals 127.4 and 127.5 at the West end. With telephone boxes at each end and 1 in the center near the side track. The grade westbound through Pearre was 0.0 to +0.25 to +0.50 then back to 0.0. Today Pearre is the current end of the WM Rail Trail and Statre of Maryland ownership. West of Pearre is currently owned by the C&O Canal National Park. According to a member of the Hagerstown Model RR Museum, the original Pearre marker sign is currently on display at the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum.

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A WM Company photo of the former Pearre Station i 1917. This was a large station for the small community. The station looks similar if not exact to the WM station in Oldtown. Much later on October 22, 2004 during construction of the 2nd extension of the WMRT and the construction of a parking lot nearby, workers uncovered the foundation of the Pearre Station. It looks as if they have it uncovered to possibly rebuild the station but in the last photo they have covered the foundation with a parking lot. At least it will be preserved for another chance to rebuild the station. Photo of the backside of Pearre Station also 1917, Thanks to Jim Coshun for that photo. (2005)

Looking west at the newly repainted B127 milepost. (2005)

Construting the parking lot in 2004 that is to be at the western end of the WMRT. Later bikes are lined up ready to ride after the ribbon is cut after the ceremony to dedicate Phase 3 of the trail.

The mayor of Hancock, MD and the Superintendent of The C&O Canal talk about the past present and future of the WMRY, WMRT, and Washington County. (2005 Phase 3 Dedication Ceremony)

Looking east from the B127 milepost on October 22, 2004 and in 2005 during the WMRT Phase 3 Dedication Ceremony.

Midway between the siding this culvert can be found.

These for photos show a before and after view of the WM right-of-way as it ran close to Pearre Road. (2002 and 2005)

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